The simple, low-risk
strategy for investing
in your future

Do you consider investing in property? Van Ee Real Estate specialises in Service Accommodations in the UK. We handle all the costs, property manage, cleaning and booking, and guarantee you at least 5% interest on your investment.

High income opportunities

We invest in the stable real estate market in properties with high income opportunities.

Secure for the future

We only buy properties below market value to secure the future appreciation.

Guaranteed interest

We give investors access to the profitable and growing real estate market in the UK.

Grow your wealth for your and your family’s future

Van Ee Real Estate has operated in the real estate sector for over a decade. We began by building a diverse portfolio of buy-to-let properties in the Netherlands. Now we are helping investors diversify their portfolio with Service Accommodations in the UK. This niche real estate market has proven extraordinarily stable and well suited for longterm investment and wealth management.

Grow your wealth
for your and your
family’s future

Invest with passion.
Invest with knowledge.
Build a bright future.